Martreach Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor- Full Automatic Blood Pressure Pulse Measurement


Product Name: Wrist Type Electric Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
Dimensions: 67mm × 68mm × 31mm
Display Digital: Liquid Crystal Display Measurement
Range Pressure: 20 ~ 280mmHg ≤ 0.4kPa – 37.3kPa; Pulse: 40 ~ 199 beats / min
Accuracy pressure: ± 3 mmHg (± 0.4 kPa); Pulse: within ± 5%
Voltage 3 V (2 * No. 7 (AAA) alkaline batteries)
color field

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Automatic digital wrist cuff sphygmomanometer arm meter pulse blood pressure monitor with heart

1. Systolic, diastolic, pulse rate is displayed at the same time

2. Intelligent automatic pressurization and decompression

3. Incorrect prompt function

4.Automatic shutdown function: 1 min after the last operation

5.Fashionable outward, light and compact, easy to carry, suitable for health care (medical field, families and adults)

6. The device has the function to display the WHO warning strip symbol “”. If the blood pressure value changes, the higher blood pressure value is displayed. The symbol “” is displayed relatively in the higher position (see WHO definition for high blood pressure values ​​- reference table).

7. The device has the average of the last three display functions (press the memory button for the first time to display the value which is the average of the last three measurements).

8. The device has a double memory search function and can save 99 series of measurements for each person to help you remember the normal status of your blood pressure.



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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 9 cm


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